13 Easy Ways to Raise Your Self-Esteem

how to increase self esteem

Are you a person who has healthy self-esteem?

Or do you think of yourself as someone who is neither capable of attaining nor worthy of the good things in this world?

If you answer a resounding “Yes” to the first query, then you may be somebody who has gone quite far in life.

Nevertheless, if your answer to the second question is also affirmative, then, you might have some problems with your overall view of who you are.

The self-worth of a person plays a vital role in his life. You can certainly enjoy a quality existence if this aspect of your life is in sound condition.

If you are wondering what self-esteem is, this discussion will help you understand it and help you cultivate healthy regard for yourself.

Fundamental Definition and Nature of Self-Regard 

When consulting an online dictionary, you will find the terminologies that are synonymous to the word ‘self-esteem.’ They are self-regard, confidence, self-respect, self-worth, and self-confidence. Psychology and mental wellness website Verywell Mind offered bright ideas on the concept of self-regard. 

The writer from the portal described it as the overall sense of self-worth of a person. Furthermore, self-regard is the degree of how a person likes, admires or appreciates himself.

As a personality trait, psychologists consider self-confidence as a longlasting and stable attribute of a person.

Moreover, it can involve the diverse beliefs of an individual about himself, including his perspectives about his looks, behaviors, outlooks, and emotions.

You may wonder how important the concept of self-regard is. Mental wellness professionals confirm that it is, indeed, crucial in a person’s life.

Significance of Self-Respect in a Person’s Existence

In discussions about self-worth in the field of psychology, there are three kinds of people. One is a person who possesses low self-worth. The other one is a person who has a very high self-regard. Finally, the third one is a person with a healthy self-worth.

You must understand that your self-regard can play an essential role in your success and motivation in your entire existence.

If you are a person with low self-worth, you would typically find yourself as somebody who does not believe in his capabilities to become successful. This problematic scenario makes you fall into depression easily. Plus, a person with low self-regard suffers from self-defeatism, in which the feeling of being beaten engulfs him

People with poor self-worth tend to make terrible choices as well, and they fail to live up to their utmost potential. Furthermore, there is a tendency for them to build destructive relationships with other people.

On the other hand, if you are a person with enormously high self-worth, it is highly likely that you like yourself too much. The extreme of this personality trait is a narcissistic personality disorder. A person with this psychological problem tends to possess a grandiose sense of self-regard.

Having overly elevated self-worth is also problematic since people generally find it off-putting. Thus, a person can put his relationships in jeopardy. Meanwhile, if you have a healthy self-regard, you possess a realistic yet positive view of yourself.

This personality trait is a happy balance that is somewhere in the middle of having a low self-regard and possessing excessively high self-worth.  If you believe that you possess a healthy self-regard, then you can accomplish your goals. It is because you can navigate life with an assertive and upbeat attitude.

Furthermore, you tend to believe that you can achieve your life plans while staying mindful of the positive and negative possibilities.

So, which are you? Are you a person with overly high self-worth, low self-regard, or healthy self-esteem?

Easy Strategies That Increase a Person’s Self-Regard

If you think you possess the attributes on the two opposite sides of the spectrum – which is either the low or extremely high self-worth, then  you may need help in developing a wholesome self-regard.

Well-known executive leadership coach Lolly Daskal offered tips on how you can boost your self-confidence fast.

Here are 13 activities that are easy to do and can help you boost your self-esteem in no time: 

1. Share your capabilities and talents by helping other people 

help other people

You can, indeed, feel a sense of accomplishment when you directly assist another person. Furthermore, you can get this positive feeling when you share useful resources or teach someone a lesson or skill he wants to learn. You can receive a tremendous boost in your confidence by offering your talents as a present to somebody as well. 

2. Stop feeling self-conscious by not worrying about others’ views

 If you are a person who always worries about what others might think of you, you are not alone. However, you should change this detrimental behavior because it will not help you in the long run.

When you always feel anxious about others’ perspectives about you, you can consider yourself their prisoner. It is because you are allowing them to take control of your life. Thus, you will never feel free to be who you are entirely.

To curtail feeling self-conscious and worrying about other people’s impression of you, make choices according to what you want to do.

What you think others desire from you should not be the basis of your decisions.

3. Take time to read motivational books or inspirational articles

There are plenty of leaders, philosophers, and writers who you can derive massive encouragement from such as Henry David Thoreau, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

If you are a busy person, you can at least dedicate less than thirty minutes every night before bedtime to reading their words of encouragement and books.

This helpful activity is undoubtedly an advantageous method that aids in acquiring more self-worth. It is because these writers’ words are uplifting and make you feel optimistic about who you are.

4. Become a guiding and supportive mentor

Did you know that by being present for another person who needs your support, guidance, and leadership can boost your self-confidence? When you earn that person’s thankfulness and respect, you will surely feel marvelous about yourself.

This benefit is especially real when you can watch your mentee’s progress through your assistance.

5. Create your definition of success

Success is a fuzzy concept. Similar to love and friendship, its definition is not constant, and it varies and depends on how someone looks at it. Therefore, you can concoct your meaning of success. You should make clear what this idea means to you and in terms of your confidence. If you want to achieve a goal, you will do all that it takes to accomplish it.

6. View failure as a teacher and a component of personal growth

People experience failure and look at their encounter in various ways. You might be hard on yourself if you did not triumph in a significant endeavor.

Nevertheless, if you are an eternal optimist, you possess the capability to look at failure as an opportunity to get educated on the nature of life. Moreover, you will believe that not succeeding at first is essential in the school of life and personal growth.

After all, failure means that you are doing your best and making an effort to achieve your targets.

7. Seek a counselling professional’s help to deal with past traumas 

You may be suffering from an unhealthy self-regard because of the drama that unresolved past issues have brought to your life. This problematic situation makes you unable to move forward in your life because your traumatic past hounds you like a controlling specter.

Hence, you should move onto the future with great self-assurance through the aid of a trained counsellor. This mental and psychological health professional can help you heal from the wounds that your traumatic past caused you.

After all, as a human being, you have all the right to live a full life filled with love, happiness, care, and fulfilment.

8. Eliminate all the downers in your life

In a perfect world, you will have the best of friends and relatives. These people are incapable of one-upmanship. They would be loyal to you and would never in their lives attempt to hurt your feelings. Furthermore, these individuals will praise you and aid you in reaching your full potential.

However, since you live in the real world, these 100-percent supportive individuals do not exist.

Flawed people may surround you and attempt to outdo you. As rapper Sean Combs sang in his song “Mo Money Mo Problems,” “I know you’d rather see me die than to see me fly.”

Most people are, indeed, negative or pessimistic individuals. Also, sadly, they would make it their mission to take advantage of you and put you down.

But, you certainly have a choice in this world. You can boost your self-confidence by letting these people go while keeping those who value and support you all the way.

9. Define the concept of integrity according to your terms

You can get a significant raise in self-regard when you define what moral uprightness means for you. Plus, you should make sure that you are living by following your concept.

Otherwise, you would feel terrible about yourself if your existence is not parallel with your idea of integrity.

10. Be clear with your values

What do you value in your life? What attitudes and beliefs do you think are the most important for you?

You can uplift your self-worth if you have already made your values clear to yourself. These moral principles can be honesty, love, family togetherness, spirituality, security, and so forth.

You should remember that the more you are well-aware of what you stand for, the more confident you will be in your life.

11. Hone yourself with a new proficiency

Increasing your self-esteem is possible if you help yourself get educated or acquire new skills that correspond with your passions and talents. Today, you can enroll or sign up for online courses in cooking, community service, crafting, baking, and so much more.

If you master a specific capability, you will not only heighten your sense of competency but also your sense of self-worth.

12. Engage in the arts and other creative pursuits

Creative activities are a terrific method to make your existence vibrant and meaningful. These endeavors stimulate your mind. Hence, the more you utilize your ingenuity, the more the advantages you get. You can surely obtain that confidence boost when you write a poem or short story.

Plus, you can feel a great sense of achievement if you register for a community theater production, enroll in a dance class, or learn new foreign languages that you can use when you travel overseas.

13. Always look your best whenever and wherever you are 

People with healthy self-regard manifest this positive attribute by wearing clothes that help them feel confident about themselves.

Therefore, you should always dress appropriately on any occasion. In this way, when people see and interact with you, you can exude a tremendous aura of self-assurance.

After all, it is true that when you look your best, then you would also feel your best.

Following these 13 tips will aid you in increasing your self-esteem and transforming it into a healthy one.

And as renowned 19th-century writer Henry David Thoreau put it wisely: “You should head confidently in the location of your dreams, and strive to live the existence you have always wanted“.