7 Diseases You Can Get If You Are Overweight

diseases you can get if fat

Having excess fat in the body is risky to your health as it can lead to a lot of complications. You can be safe by losing some of the excess weight by making dietary changes and increasing your physical activities.

Different factors cause obesity including inactivity, genetics, poor lifestyle choices and poor diet.

A lot of people don’t know when their weight is beyond normal. You can tell this by knowing your waist size and body mass index.

The BMI can measure your weight against your height and determine if your weight is normal or not.

If your BMI is below 24, your weight is normal.

Anything beyond this number is could mean that you’re in an unhealthy weight range.

We will go through some of the health problems that come as a result of being overweight.

1. Type 2 Diabetes

The disease raises your blood sugar beyond the normal levels. A high percentage of people who are overweight get type 2 diabetes. Having excess fat affects the functioning of body cells hindering them from responding to the insulin hormone.

Insulin is responsible for transporting sugar from your blood to body cells.

Being overweight makes you insulin resistant preventing blood sugar from getting to the cells thus causing high blood sugar. Excess weight also makes the body cells which produce insulin have to work harder than usual to regulate your blood sugar.

By shedding some of the weight, you can prevent yourself from type 2 diabetes. Start controlling your blood sugar levels by increasing your physical activity.

2. High Blood Pressure

Every heartbeat allows your blood to pump through the arteries to the rest of your body. Blood pressure refers to the intensity of blood pushing against the artery walls.

If you are overweight, you increase your chances of getting high blood pressure. It is hard to know you have the illness at first since it does not reveal any symptoms though it can get severe.

Large body size increases blood pressure since the heart has to pump harder to ensure that all the cells receive blood. Excess fat can also affect the kidneys which should regulate your blood pressure. You need to lose weight to lower high blood pressure.

A doctor can also prescribe medication to regulate blood pressure.

3. Heart Diseases

overweight heart disease

The heart is exposed to different conditions when you have excess fat surrounding it. Excess fat can narrow and harden the blood vessel which transports blood to your heart.

This prevents the organ from receiving sufficient blood to function correctly.

When you are overweight, you can acquire diseases that increase the risk of getting heart problems. Both hypertension and high cholesterol levels can cause heart problems.

Studies have shown that the fatty acid Omega 7 can reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels. You can read our review of the Omega 7 supplement Ultra Omega Burn to learn more.

Excess fat also alters the normal functioning of the heart forcing it to work harder to ensure that your body cells receive blood. Losing weight can lower cholesterol levels, improve the flow of blood and keep you safe from heart diseases.

4. Stroke

Since obesity causes high blood pressure, it can lead to a stroke. This occurs when blood fails to flow in some parts of your brain killing some of the brain cells.

Some people get ischemic stroke while others hemorrhagic stroke. In the first type, your blood can clot blocking the artery that allows blood to flow into the brain.

Sometimes, the blood vessel in your brain can burst and lead to hemorrhagic stroke.  Excess weight can cause such blood clots preventing your brain cells from getting sufficient blood.

To avoid such a condition, you should work at regulating your blood pressure by losing some pounds.

5. Cancer

Some forms of cancer can also come as a result of being overweight. This condition happens due to abnormal growth of cells in different body parts. Gaining excess weight increase the chances of developing cancerous cells. The fat cells in the body start releasing some hormones which affect the growth of cells.

Poor eating habits mostly include consuming foods that contain some chemicals that can also cause cancer. Such habits also make you accumulate excess weight which exposes you to such diseases.

The types that are linked to obesity include colon, rectum, breast, kidney and gallbladder cancer.

6. Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea overweight

Do you struggle to breathe while asleep? A lot of overweight people suffer from sleep apnea.

It can affect the quality of your sleep and even cause heart failure in severe cases. It makes it difficult to focus and make you tired during the day.

Having excess weight makes some of the fat accumulate around your neck making the airway smaller than normal.

A small air passage makes breathing hard during sleep due to snoring. The fat can also generate some compounds that can lead to inflammation in your neck.

You can decrease the size of your neck and prevent sleep apnea through weight loss.

7. Osteoarthritis

The disease leads to stiffness and pain of the joints. Though some people get it from age, excess weight can also cause it. Extra weight increases pressure in your joints and make the cartilage wear off quicker. Having excess fat can also cause inflamed joints which leads to osteoarthritis.

If you have not been active for a long time, start off with exercises that are more forgiving on your joints like Yoga or Pilates.


You don’t have to get any of the diseases above if you get serious with weight loss. Get a nutritionist to help you control your diet and start working out as soon as possible. Start by losing small pounds and continue making progress until you achieve your desired weight.