7 Reasons Why Weight Loss Is Hard

weight loss is difficult

Weight loss is a difficult thing, yet the industry will tend to tell you how easy it is – just pop a pill, buy some equipment, join a gym, follow a certain diet, and so on and every annoying weight problem you have will disappear.

The weight loss industry makes billions of dollars – and yet, people are still struggling with being overweight or obese.

If this is a struggle that is personal to you, you know how difficult the journey is, and you may wonder why it is so hard to succeed. Even though there is no shortcut, there are certain changes you can make to help the process become easier for you. Here are some reasons you may find it hard to lose weight.

1. Workout Routines

Exercise is important, but only when done consistently; since you will hit a plateau at some point in the journey. You do not need to spend countless hours in the gym – even a reasonable workout schedule is enough to help you follow through every week. Just find something you enjoy and stick with it for a long time.

2. Diet

Food plays an important part in weight loss, you will sabotage your weight loss goals if you eat unhealthy food after leaving the gym. Some things you can do include keeping food journals, learning portion size, spending more time preparing your meals instead of buying them, and making mindful dietary choices instead of eating mindlessly.

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3. Environment

You do not live and operate in a controlled environment, so it is hard to control all the things that surround you. For instance, you see a bakery on your way to work that has delicious donuts and pastries, you have a co-worker who is bringing in junk food, and so on. while you cannot dictate to them what they should do, what about your home environment?

Within your home, you can control all these things, so spend time modifying it into things that suit you for your efforts to become healthier. For instance, setting a corner of the house to store your workout gear, or placing fruits in your kitchen instead of unhealthy snacks.

The more your environment encourages you to make healthier choices, the more you will remind yourself of the things that are important.

4. Daily Lifestyle

Along with the point of modifying your environment, you must be willing to modify how you live if you want to succeed. Of course you cannot change every aspect overnight, but you can gradually teach yourself to be willing to do new things that promote your health.

For instance, getting up earlier to do a workout or prepare a healthy lunch, or going for a walk instead of binge-watching a Netflix series. Many people use the excuse of having a busy schedule for their reason of not being healthy, which makes it hard to lose weight. Your pantry is another area to target, because the unhealthier things you have at your disposal, the harder the weight loss process will become.

5. Mental Health

If there are other reasons that have led to your struggle with weight, such as depression, or other problems such as bulimia, it can be very hard to lose and manage your weight properly. For many sufferers of these illnesses, food is a source of comfort for them when they do not know how to deal with emotional and mental issues.

If this is your case, then it is important to start by pinpointing the behaviors and their triggers, which helps you understand why you do them. Going through therapy and counselling sessions can assist you to find other ways of dealing with issues instead of emotional eating, which will help you in your weight loss journey.

6. Flexibility

It is common knowledge that lifestyle habits determine your success rate – but they are built by your everyday choices.  For instance, what happens when you cannot go to the gym because you are running late to work? What happens when you are late for your fitness class because you got sick or stuck in traffic?

The major trick here is learning to be flexible with your schedule. If you are always prepared, it is easier to do workout routines on your own – for instance, having a pair of workout shoes in your car on standby, so that you can walk in the park for a few minutes.

7. Your Attitude

Lastly, your outlook on the whole process determines how successful you will become. If your reason for weight loss is looking a certain way or simply as a health fad, then it will be difficult to make it a permanent habit. What if the weight scale does not change or you gain weight? What happens then? Do you give up?

Before you begin the journey or even as you go through it, it is vital to remind yourself that losing weight is not a one-time thing; you must keep track of all your successes regardless of whether you lose weight or not. Help your journey to be a joyful one, and that will give you enough motivation to continue.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss is difficult and has its own steep hills you must navigate – but it is not impossible. As long as you willingly embrace the journey and are willing to change various aspects of your lifestyle, you will find it is easier than you thought it would be.