9 Proven Ways Of Having Beautiful Hair

beautiful hair

Every woman can testify that having beautiful and manageable hair is important. Growing long beautiful hair takes time since it only grows a half inch every month. Though hair can be tedious, proper maintenance can help you develop beautiful hair that is strong and healthy. If you are wondering about the secrets to beautiful hair, this is for you. Find out more!

1. Take care of your scalp

Your scalp determines how your hair grows and looks. You should, therefore, massage it to boost the circulation of blood in the head. Massaging helps you stimulate the hair follicles and make them active. It can make your hair dense, long and beautiful.

Massage the scalp using essential oils such as lemon or peppermint oil. Warm the oil before you use it on the scalp and leave it on your scalp for half an hour after massaging then rinse it out. Lavender and coconut oil also bring out that beautiful luster to the hair.

You can also use the inversion method to massage your scalp without any ingredient. Flip the hair and use your fingers to rub it in a circular motion. Flipping the hair promotes blood circulation and triggers hair growth.

2. Trim the ends

Healthy hair comes from trimming the ends. Excess sun and dirt make the end of your hair rough causing split ends. They entangle fast and can cause eventual hair loss. If you ignore trimming split ends, it can cause a lot of irreversible damage to your hair in the long run.

You need to cut the ends after every ten weeks so that your hair can breathe and continue growing beautifully. Get rid of the ends that look brittle and uneven.

3. Ditch shampoo and embrace conditioner

Most ladies tend to shampoo their hair every time they shower. Though shampoo gets rid of dirt on the hair, it eliminates the natural oils that make your hair soft. Excess use of shampoo can, therefore, make your hair dry and unsightly.

Condition your hair instead of always relying on a shampoo. A good conditioner can seal the cuticles and nourish your hair. It also prevents your hair from damage and allows it to retain the natural oils. The conditioner replaces the proteins and lipids in the hair shaft to help your hair grow healthy and strong. When your hair is wet, it needs conditioner, not shampoo.

4. Apply some egg mask

Eggs are natural sources of proteins. You need this nutrient to strengthen your hair follicles. Egg mask also has rich moisture which protects your hair from drying and thinning out. Egg mask nourishes your hair and promotes the development of new hair.

Crack one egg and whisk it for some time. Add some yogurt in the egg and whisk it further. Make your hair wet then apply the mixture for about 20 minutes then rinse it off.  You can also use olive oil in place of yogurt. Do this at least once every month and see how beautiful your hair looks. 

5. Avoid wrapping your hair in a towel

Do you use a soft towel to cover your hair after washing it? This common habit among women causes hair breakage. Most women tie the towel tight around the face. The strands of hair interlock with the woven fibers of the cloth. The small strands on your face also break easily.

You should avoid this habit if you want to grow a long, thick and beautiful hair. Let your hair air dry naturally. If you can’t, replace your regular towel with a microfiber one.

6. Watch your diet

Your diet affects how your hair turns out. You need to consume healthy nutrients that facilitate hair growth and prevent the inflammation of hair follicles.

Take foods rich in omega-3 fats since they keep your scalp healthy. You can get this nutrient from salmon or fish oil capsules.

Omega 7 has also been shown to give you beautiful hair and skin. It’s worthwhile exploring a pure Omega 7 supplement like Ultra Omega Burn.

Consume foods rich in proteins since they form the building blocks for your hair. Proteins also help you replace damaged hair. Meat, beans and whole grains are healthy sources of proteins.

You also need vitamin C which moisturizes your hair and prevents it from breakage. Vitamin C contains anti-oxidant properties which prevent your hair from damage that comes from free radicals.

Take vitamin A to help repair hair tissues. Such nutrients come from the liver, dark leafy greens, tomatoes, and kiwi. Consume biotin which is a type of vitamin B. It prevents your hair from falling off and makes it lustrous. Soybeans and butter are the primary sources of this component.

Apart from food, healthy hair requires you to be drinking adequate amounts of water. Hydration prevents your hair from drying out and makes the cells of your hair healthy. Apart from taking water, you can also keep the hair hydrated by avoiding hair products that have silicones.

7. Avoid stress

When you are stressed, it affects your health and makes your hair fall off. High-stress levels interfere with the normal hair cycle and prevent it from growing. For your hair to glow, you should use techniques that can help you overcome stress such as meditation, regular exercise and yoga.

8. Regular brushing

We often think that regular brushing of hair causes harm to it. Though this can happen, it depends on the type of brush you use. Do not brush your hair using synthetic bristles since they can cause friction while brushing thus damaging the hair.

Choose a boar bristle brush which boosts the circulation of blood in your scalp and reduces friction during brushing.  You should comb your hair every night with this brush. It strengthens the roots and stimulates it to grow faster

9. Avoid heat

Hot water can weaken your hair and make it brittle. Use lukewarm water and rinse it using cold water. The change in temperature closes your hair follicles.  Stay away from hot hair tools such as the blow-dry machine. Excess heat from such devices can cause breakage on your hair.